Demi Day Spa

Escaping for a day from the reality of day to day life can make all the difference. At Y Spa we’ve put together some truly fabulous Demi Day packages to perk you up once more…

Kilo Sauna

Brand New For You

Something has been bubbling behind the scenes here at Y Spa, and it’s time to share it with you all… A brand-new package has arrived and is available to book now for dates starting from 22nd July.

Bubbles At Y Spa

Demi Day


Bubbly Nights

Our brand new ‘Bubbly Nights’ package is available to book now. If you’re looking for a relaxing, peaceful end to your day, look no further… 

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Sunday Stay (1)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sundays are for you, take them back with our fabulous Lazy Sunday Afternoon package, aimed solely at rejuvenating you for the week ahead…

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Spa Days

Morning Glory

Wake up with something fabulous to look forward too. A morning at Y Spa is something that will set your day up just perfectly…

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Afternoon Idle

Have you had a stressful, busy morning? Or just feel the need to take some time in the afternoon? Relax in the beautiful haven that Y Spa is with our Afternoon Idle package.

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Always such a delightful experience, with so many different facets to enjoy, from the invigorating hydrotherapy pool to the salty steam room, ‘soft sauna’ and tropical rain shower, before relaxing in the sleep zone. (Susie C Brown)

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