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Welcome To Y Spa

Refresh, relax and revive at Y Spa

Whether it's a few hours relaxing or a whole day spent at Y Spa, we have something to suit your needs. Choose our Demi Days, Full Spa Days or Spa Stay packages... or if it's just a little treatment you're after, we have that too. All our overnight Spa packages include access to Y Spa, for any other overnight packages, use of Y Spa is pre-bookable in advance of your stay.

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Unlock a world of experiences with our gift cards.

Enjoy serene spa breaks, invigorating spa treatments, premier skincare products, captivating golf escapes, and dining experiences.

With our gift cards, explore a variety of indulgent options tailored to your preferences.


Good Spa Guide - 5 Bubble Spa 2023!

We're delighted to have been awarded a 5-Bubble Spa rating this year by the Good Spa Guide. 

Take A Break

Take A Day

Taking time to relax and unwind at Y Spa can be the break you, your body, and your mind need. Our demi day and day spa packages will give you just that…

Day Spa

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Stay A Little Longer

Really take the pressure off and stay a little longer with one of our Stay Spa packages. Because nothing compliments a day in Y Spa better than a good nights’ sleep.

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