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Rasul Experience


These experiences are designed for you to share with family, friends or a loved one, however this treatment is also available for you to take on your own. All product is provided for your own use. 

Choose from one of the following experiences ...

  • Soothe Me - A soothing treatment for those with sensitive skin. 
    Before relaxing in the Rasul chamber your skin will be scrubbed, drizzled with camellia oil and hydrated with skin nourishing milk bath.  Quiet mind temple balm is then applied before relaxing in the Rasul. The skin is left feeling healed, smooth and nourished.
  • Awaken Me -  A detoxifying, firming treatment for those in need of an energy boost.
    Devils mint body scrub is applied before you take an invigorating shower. Your systems are then stimulated by Cellutox body oil while you enjoy the heat of the Rasul chamber.  Sluggish systems will be stimulated and energised enhancing the firming benefits of the final application of body sculpting serum and cream.
  • Balance Me -  Ideal for those looking to de-stress their minds and rebalance their systems.
    Tranquil touch body scrub is applied to the skin before a relaxing shower.  Feel the body let go and relax with the application of de-stress massage oil and quiet mind temple balm before re-balancing the skin's protective layer with skin nourishing milk bath.   Enjoy deep levels of relaxation as your body is warmed to the core in the Rasul chamber. 

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40 mins £90 (for two)    | 40 mins £55 (for one) 

To book this experience please call 0333 7007 667.