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Relax your mind, by enjoying one of our fantastic body treatments...

Back Massage (2)

Therapies to soothe your soul...

Choose from a range of blissful body treatments designed to soothe, relax, energise and awaken, just when you need it most.

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Neom Wellbeing Treatment Sleep

We drizzle the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle oil over the skin, and massage the body, including key stress relieving points on the head, face, neck and back. Prepare to be lost in a blissful state, ready for a deep nights sleep.

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NEOM Range Destress

Neom De-Stress Treatment

Throughout, we drizzle the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Oil over the skin and provide specialist massage to key stress relieving points of head, face, neck and back. This treatment allows tension to drift away and for a calm new you to be uncovered.

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Catch The Breath

This nurturing gentle treatment for the head, back and shoulders was created to allow you to drift away into a meditative state of relaxation to stimulate the para-sympathetic system. Slow Tui Na Chinese featherlight massage techniques rebalance and calm the upper body. The ritual uses slow, soothing, and rhythmic techniques providing complete tranquillity and relaxation, and 100% certified Made for Life Organic products.

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Back Massage (2)
Back Massage (2)

Y Spa - Back Massage

A traditional style massage of medium pressure designed to soothe away tension held within the muscles of the back. Choose from either a back or back of body massage...

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Y Spa - Deep Tissue Massage

Deep rhythmic pressure massage. Alleviate high-stress levels, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful deep tissue massage. Dynamic blends of essential oils and level of pressure are customised to target individual needs. Helps relax, recharge and re-energise, whilst tension melts away. Choice of either back massage or back of body massage...

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Deep Tissue (1)

Y Spa - Scalp and Back Therapy

A relaxing massage using warmed oils designed to release pent up tension in the back, neck and scalp. If you are hunched over a computer, tablet or a smartphone all day then this is a recommended treatment for you.

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Y Spa - Hot Stones Massage

A medium pressure massage using warm basalt stones to melt away tension. Your therapist will work with the warmed stones and luxuriously warmed oils to deliver heat into the muscles offering maximum relaxation. Choice of either a back, or back of body treatment...

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Y Spa - Reflexology

This helps to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and nervousness. It can also help with digestive and sleep disorders and help balance hormones. The therapist gently works over the reflex zones of the feet using pressure on the base of the foot. Suitable for those pregnant after 3 months or 1st trimester.

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Leg Less Light

This soothing yet powerful treatment will help to stimulate circulation and refresh aching muscles in the legs and feet. is customised therapy can be gentle enough for mothers to be from the 2nd trimester or energising enough to give relief to overworked muscles.

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