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Love To Spa?

It's a given here at Y Spa that we believe strongly in our core values of relaxation, rejuvination and creating a comforting environment, so why not give someone the gift of being made to feel this way. Luckily our new Love to Spa gift cards are now available meaning you can treat a friend to some amazing Spa Days:

  • Afternoon Tea & Spa
  • Morning Glory
  • Sundowner Spa

At £84.00 per gift card you can treat to friends (or they can treat you) to a day of relaxation.

If you'd like to buy one of these gift cards please click here.



Made For Life Treatments

Our Made for life treatments are 100% organic and suitable for people going through cancer. At Y Spa we want to ensure that you feel the best you possibly can when your with us, and afterwards.

These treatments are the perfect way to rejuvinate the mind, body and spirit, which is what we believe goes some way to being truly happy!

With mulptiple treatments to choose from we're sure you'll find one to suit you, if you'd like to book one please click here.