Spa Etiquette

Y Spa Facilities (1)
  • Spa inclusion in your overnight package: All our overnight Spa packages include access to Y Spa, for any other overnight packages, use of Y Spa is pre-bookable in advance of your stay.
  • Privacy: We hope all our guests enjoy the most wonderful, relaxing and calm surroundings that Y Spa has to offer. To ensure that all guests have a tranquil time in the spa we request that guests are mindful of each other and demonstrate appropriate behaviour, such as maintaining reasonable noise levels and not being too intimate. Guests who misbehave or act inappropriately will be asked to leave the spa and in these circumstances no refund will be given.
  • Clothing: We ask that swimming costumes be worn in the Thermal Spa experiences for the general comfort of everyone around.
  • Age Policy: Y Spa is open to over 18s only.
  • Smoking: For the comfort of all our guests, the hotel and Spa are smoke free areas, there is also no vaping.  A designated smoking shelter is available outside the hotel by the Oceania bedrooms
  • Mobile Phones: Whilst enjoying your day of relaxation and in order to get the most from it, please be prepared not to use your mobile phone while in the Spa.
  • Personal Belongings: We provide wonderful spacious lockers for all your personal effects, however, we cannot take responsibility for the loss of any belongings or jewellery, so we ask you to leave all your precious things at home for the day.

Y Spa reserves the right to change, amend, alter or withdraw any Day or Spa Stay Package or any treatments without prior notification.


Using Our Thermal Spa Safely

We want you to totally enjoy your time in the Thermal Spa and so we ask you to have a read through of the safety guidelines prior to use.

  • Please shower before entering
  • Keeping yourself well hydrated will prevent dehydration.
  • Remember that the floor is wet so tread carefully when wandering around.
  • Please be careful when entering and leaving the Hydrotherapy Pool, hand rails are there to assist you.
  • Our hydrotherapy jets are powerful, so when turning them on remember some parts of your body may be more fragile than others!
  • Our "suggested journey"  on how to use the Thermal Spa is only one option, you may find your favourites and wish to alter the journey.
  • Please tell us if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions.  Let us help you enjoy the journey safely as some areas may not be suitable for you to use and some areas may be more beneficial.
  • High or low blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, heart conditions or circulatory ailments, epilepsy, or taking any medications regularly. Sunburn, hypersensitive or heat sensitive skin, undergoing active treatment for or diagnosed with cancer, verrucas, other skin infections or diseases.
  • We no longer accept cash payments at Y Spa. You can still pay with your debit/credit cards and mobile phones. We hope that this makes things easier, safer and quicker for you.


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