Health and Safety Contra Indications

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Your health is your responsibility so please take the time to consider the information below and ensure the spa and any treatments undertaken are safe for you.

Please seek medical advice before undertaking all activities if you are affected by any of the following: 

  • Circulation disorders or diseases, heart problems, high or low blood pressure
  • Epilepsy, Diabetes, Parkinson's or Huntingdon's.
  • Recent surgery, metal pins/plates, scar tissue
  • Any medication taken or medical treatment undertaken
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Allergies both topical or food related , especially chemicals and essential oils
  • Asthma, eczema and skin conditions and diseases
  • Active Cancer treatments
  • If you have had surgery to remove lymph nodes
  • Recent illness must leave 48 hours post any stomach problems


If you are allergic to any substance whether topical or food related, we ask that you check at all meals, treatments or service given to ensure your own safety

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