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The Journey

Y Spa has created a fabulous space which will stimulate all of the senses. Expansive areas filled with natural light and a warm ambient atmosphere. The area incorporates large picture windows to the terrace, bringing the outside in, whatever the weather. This little bit of luxury allows you to use hot and cold experiences as therapy, the benefits of which are far reaching and include: improved respiration and circulation, relief of rheumatic aches, pains and stiff joints as well as improvements to skin texture with benefits to those suffering from eczema or skin conditions. Combining heat followed by cold boosts the body's natural defences, shifting your entire metabolism up a gear.


Cleanse with Steamy

42 degrees, 100% humidity — it is all about perspiring pleasantly as you would in a sauna, but in a totally different climate — not so hot, but a good deal more humid. This combination of high humidity and radiant heat gently invigorates the skin, respiratory and circulation system. Unwind in a magical cavern with iridescent mosaics and colour changing mood lighting. Use to purify and relax both body and mind.

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Cuddle up with Softy

55 degrees and humid. A soft sauna has a lower temperature than "Some like it hot" our traditional outdoor sauna and humidity provides a gentler heat and softer experience to the traditional sauna. Relaxing in Softy is the ideal way to recharge your batteries as well as a skin detox. It improves circulation and allows muscle relaxation and provides a peaceful space away from everyday life. Use as an escape or for pre- or post-massage for exercise.


Salt-healed, steam-cleansed

42 degrees, 100% humidity. Similar to Steamy but with salt-infused steam. The room feels like it has been honed from the side of a mountain and the humid salty air is reminiscent of a walk by the sea. We all feel better when the air is purified and salt is known to have many healing effects and can aid respiration, stimulate blood flow, and cleanse the skin. Use as an aid in detoxification, decongestion and weight loss.

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Some like it hot!

85 degrees or hotter with low humidity. This beautiful Kelo wood sauna, made with one-hundred-year-old logs gives the hottest of the Y spa experiences and is not for the faint-hearted! It is located outdoors in our Spa Garden and can be accessed via the Hydrotherapy pool or the Garden terrace. Use as pure relaxation post exercise or for weight loss and detoxification.

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Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years. In its simplest form, hydrotherapy can be described as therapy through water. Much warmer than a swimming pool, the Hydrotherapy Pool is a place to relax and let the bubbling waters still your body. Used to treat common ailments such as muscle cramps, circulatory diseases, arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, balance, and stress-related disorders; hydrotherapy is a great way to spend some time. Relax on the bubble bed or massage tension away using the body jets and revel in the wonders of nature enjoying the outdoor Hydrotherapy Pool all year round.


Our suggested journey on how to use the Thermal Spa is only one option, you may find your favourites and wish to alter the journey.

For Pure Relaxation:

Use the Steamy and then Softy experiences and dip in and out of the Mist shower in between use of the Hydrotherapy Pool. Then depending on your bravery use either Softy or Some like it Hot! To finish off, grab a Big Sleep possibly followed by Hydrotherapy Pool again and a glass of bubbles!

For Detox and Weight Loss:

Begin with the Hydrotherapy Pool and then, depending on your bravery, go for Some like it Hot or Softy. Then use the Mist shower and the Frost wall to seriously cool down, before going for some time in Steamy or Salty. Cooldown afterwards and then rest in Time Out or Big Sleep areas, making sure to drink lots of water. For optimum results, take a massage or detox treatment.

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